Deborah Morton

Deborah Morton


Deborah was born and raised in the Washington, DC area.  She retired from the Federal Government with over 30 years of service. Doing her 30+ years of service she has gained a variety of experience in the fields of Administration, Personnel, Electrical, and Budget procurement/contracting activities (Interagency Agreements, and Requisitions), with agencies like the Department of Defense, Department of Transportation, and The National Archives.  Deborah has 16 years of experience working at the National Science Foundation with federal grants and in the Office of Inspector General.  Deborah has Federal Government Education from the Human Resources Institute (Federal Budget Skills); and ESI/George Washington University School of Business (Federal Contracting Basics) and Basic Governmental Auditing.  Deborah attended the Virginia State University’s Sustainable Urban Agriculture Certification Program (SUACP) in Petersburg Virginia which gave her the knowledge and experience in Urban Agriculture Operations, Concept of a food desert, Site Planning, Potential Obstacles, Basic Botany Life Cycle of flowering plants, Plant disease management, Environmental factors affect plant growth, and Cultivation and cropping systems.

Stephon Morton

Stephon Morton

President & COO

Prior to founding Mor-Cannabis, Stephon has profound experience in project management and logistic process life cycle. He was born in Washington, D.C., and led a well-traveled childhood as a result of growing up in a military family. Stephon is a University of Maryland Alumni. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Chinese language and literature with a minor in Business. During his childhood, at the age of eight, he started pursuing his life-long interest in martial arts through a varied curriculum of karate, taekwondo, and boxing. He eventually took up the art of Wushu and soon achieved becoming a three-time member of the U.S. Wushu Team, and represented the U.S.A in multiple international tournaments. He became a U.S. Wushu Team Coach after retiring as a competitor. He is the founder of Northern Virginia Wushu Academy and coaches’ students of all ages. Under his leadership, Mor-Cannabis will harmonize traditional and innovative farming with organic, green technology.

Angela Morton-Gaither

Angela Morton-Gaither

Vice President & CIO

Angela has over 24 years of experience in the IT / Information Systems field. Also a native to the Washington D.C. area, Angela has worked on several Federal Government contracts. She began her technical career as a desktop engineer supporting companies such as Honeywell through where she implemented systems that would monitor and analyze image quality originally generated from the GOES spacecraft Imager and Sounder Instruments. She later transitioned to become a support analyst for IBM where she tested a variety of software for quality assurance and resiliency before deployment. Later as a support lead, she was vital in the development of technical documentation for post-migration. Over the last 15 years she has taken on numerous leadership and specialist roles, also In that time, she gained her certification as a Google G-Suite Systems Administrator. Angela was also hand-selected by the government management to be one of the primary leads for sensitive data collection from the Google Message Discovery System. All requests cover, Inspector General (IG), Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), GSA Legal, Congressional, and Department of Justice. Through her leadership, Mor-Cannabis looks to utilize new and emerging System Information (SI) technologies to fuel the company and business operation goals forward.

Jamie Morton

Jamie Morton


Currently, I’ve assumed the role of the Contracting Officer for the Thurgood Marshall Federal Judicial Building (TMFJB) and Supreme Court House for the Architect of the Capitol (AOC). My project portfolio consists of 23 inherited contract/task orders. Before assuming the role as a Contracting Officer with AOC, my recent role I served as a National Senior Contracting Officer within the General Service Administration (GSA), Public Buildings Service (PBS) Broker Services Division. The Brokers Services The division develops manages, and oversees all regional Broker Contracts at the National Level within GSA under the GSA Leasing Support Services (GLS) contract. Under this program, we contracted broker services to perform lease acquisition services for internal and external customers. The brokers assisted with developing requirements to rent commencement across four zones supporting 11 regional offices. These contracts enhanced how GSA does leases within the agency. These contracts were set up with an incentive to reward brokers for both above standard performance in negotiating rates below that market midpoint that aligned the brokerage program with Public Buildings Service strategic goals and has generated $100 million+ in rent credits to customer agencies.

As a National Contracting Officer, my roles also consisted of assuming the role of a Contracting Officer Technical Representative to oversee and manage the task orders issued of the broker IDIQ contracts in the National Capital Region (NCR).

Before assuming the role in the Broker Services Division, I was tasked to act in a Branch Chief role within the Office of Acquisition Division. My responsibilities consist of oversight of seven senior and junior contract specialist/contracting officers. My division workload consists of overseeing four (4) service centers. The portfolio of work consists of a wide range of procurements as it relates to operations and maintenance, janitorial service, minor construction, repair & amp; alterations, emergency and support service contracts in government own and lease space.

I’ve worked in the acquisition industry for over fifteen (15) years starting as a Procurement Tech and now as a Senior Contracting Officer. My experience ranges from federal, state, and city-level governments that consist of mega construction, services, IT support, human care agreements, and minimum research and development projects. I have met and obtained my FAC-C Level III certification; I possess a bachelor’s degree in science with a minor in business administration from the University Of Maryland, University Of College (UMUC).

Among other distinctions in the field, I’ve held and maintained a Level IV Signature Warrant Authority as of 2013.

In my spare time, I love hanging out with my 17-year-old son and volunteering in my community such as feeding the homeless, donating time to local food banks, and focusing on family.

I’m a true DC native; I love traveling and learning about new cities and new cultures. I’m adaptive to all situations and cultures.

My five to ten-year plan is to one day become a Director in the Acquisition workforce and inspire mentor, and train Senior Contract Specialists to one day become a Senior Contract Specialists/Contracting Officers/Director.

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